Best Rated Bamboo Shades - Group A

these are our Best Rated Custom Bamboo Shades. Made of Natural Woods, these bamboo blinds would be a beautiful addition to your home or office. You can see through the light filtering Bamboo Blinds so if you would like more privacy there is an optional privacy liner that can be ordered. Bamboo shades offer an exotic feel, making them a beautiful alternative to standard window shades.

Includes a 6" Tall Matching Valance.
Also available with a Privacy or Blackout Liner.
Outside mount shades have matching side returns to cover headrail.
Motorized Lift optional (See Avail Options tab below for prices).
Continuous Loop Clutch Lift adds $ 39.
Wider windows can be done as 2 or 3 on 1 Headrail. (pricing below)
Most components are color coordinated to match the shade.
Mounting Hardware & Install Screws are included.
Lifetime warranty against defects in parts and workmanship.
Free FedEx ground shipping on all orders.



Liner: Comes standard with no liner. White Privacy Liner adds 40%, White Blackout Liner adds 45%
Mount: Available as Inside or Outside Mount
Headrail: Comes standard as Single Headrail. The 2 on 1 Headrail option adds $19. The 3 on 1 Headrail option adds $27. See images below.
Lift Types: Cord Lift (standard), Continuous Loop Clutch Lift optional, Adds $39. Cordless Lift Adds $59, Motorized Lift w/Wand Control, adds $129

Cord Lift

Cord Lift Closeup

Clutch Lift
Adds $ 39

Clutch Lift Closeup

Cordless Lift
Adds $ 59

Cordless Lift Closeup

Motorized Wand Lift
Adds $ 129

Motorized Wand Lift Closeup

Motorized Wand Lift Specs

2 on 1 Headrail
Adds $ 19

3 on 1 Headrail
Adds $ 27

Product Specifications:
Minimum Width (standard shade)
(continuous loop cord system)
Minimum Height 18"
Maximum Width 144"
Maximum Height 120"
Approximate Deductions for an Inside Mount 1/2"

Continuous Cord Loop Spec (roman only)

Minimum Width 24"
Minimum Height 8"
Maximum Width 144"
Maximum Height 96"

Max Single Width Per Bamboo Style
Color Style Width
All Styles 96"
Installation Requirements:
Minimum Inside Mount Depth 1-1/4"
Minimum Inside Mount Depth
(std lift, fully recessed)

Minimum Inside Mount Depth
(chain clutch lift, fully recessed)

Minimum Outside Mounting Surface 2"
Standard/Chain Lift Header Sizes 1"x2"/1"x3"

Headrail Specifications
Standard Headrail Depth 1 3/4"
Standard Headrail Height 3/4"
Continuous Cord Loop Headrail Depth 2 1/2"

Roman Style Stacking Height
Shade Height Standard Lift Cont Loop Lift
36" 7 1/2" 10 1/2"
48" 9" 12"
60" 11" 14"
72" 13" 16"
84" 14" 17"
96" 15" 18"
108" 16" 19"
120" 17" 20"

* Stacking Height Will Vary By Material

Click here to view our detailed Measuring Instructions. Note: This link opens in a new window.
View or print our Bamboo Blinds installation instructions .