Custom Window Treatment Measuring – How to Measure Like a Pro. The Internet has changed the way we shop for custom window treatments. Before online shopping, most people called a local window treatment company and made an appointment for someone to come to their home. This process was time-consuming and also made buying custom window blinds, window shades, plantation shutters, and top treatments more expensive. Window fashions can now be purchased online, saving the consumer time and money.

You can order custom window treatments online, cutting out the middle man which saves you a lot of money. But many people may feel overwhelmed with the thought of measuring and installing their custom blinds, shades, and shutters themselves. Not to worry, it’s really a very easy process! If you can read a tape measure you can measure for custom window treatments. Before you begin, please take note of a few tips:

  • Always use a metal tape measure.
  • Measure to the nearest eighth of an inch (do not round off).
  • Always measure width X height.
  • Do not take any deductions.
  • Measure twice.

Custom Window Treatment Measuring

Custom Window Treatment Measuring

One mistake that is commonly made when ordering window treatments is confusing the width and height measurements. When ordering custom window blinds, window shades, and other window fashions remember it’s always width X height. For example, always measure the width first. An easy way to remember which is the width is to think of the horizon (from left to right) when measuring. Then measure the height, which is up and down or top to bottom. Always measure twice and record your measurement to the nearest eighth of an inch. Example: The window measures 35 3/4 inches in width and 59 1/2 inches in height – your measurement would be 35 3/4 X 59 1/2. This is the size you would order.

Another common mistake is to take a deduction in width to allow for the window treatment to fit into the window opening. When ordering custom blinds for what’s known as an inside mount, the factory will take all necessary deductions to allow for a perfect fit, so do not take away or add to your sizes if the window treatment will be installed inside the window opening. The only time you will add to the size is if the window treatment will be installed outside the window opening. An example of this would be when ordering for a sliding glass door with no inside area to install. In the case of an outside mount, you will want to add any overhang you require.

There are other types of windows such as French Doors and bay windows that will also require more knowledge. If you are ordering your custom window treatments from you can just follow our easy measuring instructions on our website. This will easily walk you through the entire process and give you peace of mind knowing your window treatments will be a perfect fit. But what if you still make a mistake? Sometimes mistakes happen. But don’t worry, Best Blinds has you covered with our BESTFIT™ Guarantee. With our BESTFIT™ Guarantee, we will remake the window treatment and ship it to you at no cost. Of course, certain restrictions apply, so be sure to read more about our BESTFIT™ Guarantee and how it works.

Measuring for custom window treatments is a breeze, once you learn these simple steps, so what are you waiting for? With a little help from Best Blinds, you will be a window treatment pro in no time. Find out just how easy shopping for your new window treatments can be at

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